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GAS Distribution Station


Natural Gas is a new trend of clean energy, and
it has become the mainstream power source for
public transportation, household uses…etc in major
metropolitans throughout the world. Reasons for
adapting to Natural Gas from traditional sources of
power such as Nuclear Power or Coal Power are
for improving the polluted environments caused
by or as a result of global warming, air pollution,
chemical pollution, safety issues…etc. One of the
most common and effective methods of transporting
the Natural Gas is going through the underground
pipelines because Natural Gas are flammable,
explosive and destructive.


So, the way to ensure the reliability and safety passage of pipeline absolutely is to build a control system which is capable to monitor the conditions of distributive supporting equipments and gas pipeline systems. A gas distribution company which secures the transmission of natural gas across Czech Republic and delivers it to regional gas distribution companies, used JetNet 5010G in controlled gas delivery and regulation stations. Each station works automatically and it is on-line monitored from the central control room while several measured dates are stored in status server. The measurement units communicate via RS232 or RS422, where the JetPort 5601 or JetPort 5604 is used.

Main Products
JetNet 5010G Industrial 7+3G-port Gigabit
Managed Ethernet Switch

JetPort 5601 Industrial 1-port RS-232/422/485
Redundant Serial Device Server

JetPort 5604 Industrial 4-port Redundant Serial
Device Server

Why Korenix
7 10/100-TX ports and 3 Gigabit
RJ-45/SFP combo ports (10/100/1000 Base-TX, 100
Base-FX, 1000 Base-X)
Rigid Aluminum Case Complies with
IP31, Curvilinear heat dispersing, Redundant power,
DIN-Rail /Wall-Mounting /Desktop Installation, Wide
temperature -20~70°C
Multi-Form Rapid Super Ring (recovery
time <5ms), Dual Homing II, Multiple Ring, Any Ring
and RSTP