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Wireless Outdoor AP 

  • High Gain 23dbi Panel Antenna maximizes transmission distance to at least 40KM
  • Rugged IP67 Protection Housing for outdoor installation
  • Supports Base Station, CPE, Point to point and Point to Multiple Point Connectivity
  • Intel TDMA Technology for long distance connectivity
  • Multiple Data Encryption algorithms, including WEP,WPA,WPA2
  • Secured Access - HTTPS, SSH, 802.1x, MAC
  • Auto ACK-Time adjustment, Link test for easy installation
  • Power supply compatible with PoE Source
  • -30~70°C operating temperature for hazardous environment application

JetWave Series Wireless Outdoor AP

JetWave 2600 Series Industrial Wireless Outdoor Access Point is an ideal solution for industrial networks seeking to extend wireless signal coverage. JetWave 2600 series implements 802.11a technology, using 5GHz band as the operating frequency. JetWave 2610 adopts IEEE 802.11a solution, JetWave 2620 adopts dual IEEE 802.11a solution and JetWave 2640 adopts dual band IEEE 802.11a and 802.11b/g solutions.
The wireless operation mode supports base station (AP), CPE, Relay and point to point and point to multiple point modes. Comprehensive wireless security is implemented by the WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryptions in JetWave 2600 series.
JetWave 2600 Series has a built-in 23dbi directional panel antenna that can transmit signals to at least 40KM distance. An external antenna can be used to improve signal quality and enlarge coverage. The PoE design allows the JetWave 2600 series to be easily powered by PSE device, such as JetPoE, Korenix Industrial PoE switches, as the total solution. For outdoor installation, JetWave 2600 series feature IP67 rugged mechanical design with -30 to 70°C operating temperature.

JetWave 2600 Series include:
JetWave 2610 IEEE802.11a Wireless Outdoor AP/Bridge
JetWave 2620 Dual IEEE802.11a Wireless Outdoor AP/Bridge
JetWave 2640 IEEE802.11a and 802.11b/g Wireless Outdoor AP/Bridge

Benefit of choosing JetWave 2600 Series

Benefit of JetWave

WLAN Advantage

802.11a 5G band with lower interference
Dual Band solution to cover both 802.11a and 802.11b/g application
Built-in 23dbi panel antenna with high gain capability
Intel TDMA technology to enlarge the coverage and performance
Operating mode supports Base Station, CPE, Bridge/Relay, Point to Point
and Point to Multiple Point

Rugged Design

IP67 Waterproof
Vent design to exclude moisture
-30~70°C operating temperature
Aluminum Pole Mounting Kit

Fully Management

Management by Console, Utility, HTTPS, SSH and SNMP
Highly Security Feature include WEP/WPA/WPA2 Encryption
Authenticated access by 802.1x and MAC access table
Management tool to provide group firmware upgrade

Power Supply by
Standard PoE

Shipped with PoE injector
Fully compatible with Korenix JetPoE product
Bundled Outdoor AP Solution

TDMA enlarged the coverage and performance

JetWave 2600 series support different types of Wireless Multiple Access technologies, including CSMA and Intel TDMA. CSMA is the abbreviation of Carrier Sense Multiple Access, and is widely applied in Ethernet LAN and WLAN applications. To achieve longer distances with higher bandwidth, Korenix adopts Intel TDMA technology so customers can setup CSMA or TDMA locally depending on the transmission distance. With a default 23dbi panel antenna, the wireless extensibility can reach at least 40KM with guaranteed transmission quality.

JetWave Uplink/Downlink (Mbps) Uplink + Downlink (Mbps)

10km (CSMA)



10km (TDMA)



40km (CSMA)


Ping only

40km (TDMA)

6.14/ n/a


High Performance Transmission

There are several types of standard for 802.11 Standards. IEEE 802.11a uses 5GHz band, while 802.11b/g uses 2.4G band. Comparing 2.4G band to 5G band, the 2.4G band is more widely accepted in homes, enterprises, and hotspots and along with a variety of other products, including microwave ovens and cordless phones. The 5G band is less popular so there is less congestion to cause interference or
signal contention.
For long distance WLAN AP, to extend transmission distance longer and higher performance, less
interference indicates higher coverage and morehighly scalable and flexible installation. Therefore Korenix recommends 802.11a as the Wireless Outdoor Access Point solution. Besides the 802.11a model, Korenix also provides dual band model which supports both 2.4G and 5G to cover most of the applications.

802.11b/g 802.11a


Crowded 2.4GHz

Un-crowded 5GHz

In-band Noise

Devices such as microwaves,
cordless phones…
Other nearby WLAN
Few non-overlapping channels lead
interference easier

Some cordless phone transmit at
5GHz in one direction
24 non-overlapping channels can
segregate traffic


Homes, Enterprise, hotspot;
PC/NB embedded

Enterprise access point, long distance
outdoor AP with high gain antenna


Reflection, wall penetration, how
fast the channel changes
Maturity, Popular, low per-station
pricing, high interoperability

Low interference environment
Directional or omni antenna
Some countries do not formally open the band

Link Aggregation Performance

JetWave 2620 adopts dual 802.11a modules for users to aggregate the radio. The link aggregation technology doubles the throughput of point to point application. JetWave 2620 can be set as Relay
Mode for two devices to be connected withoutdamaging performance. The JetWave 2620 is the ideal backhaul solution for outdoor AP application, especially for long-distance transportation, utility, and
critical environmental applications.

Uplink/Downlink (Mbps)
Uplink + Downlink (Mbps)

10km (CSMA)



10km (CSMA +
Link Aggregation)

19.7 / 18.89


Encrypted Wireless data transmission

Unlike wired LAN, whose unauthorized access can be easily identified by the physical media, Wireless LAN does not have the same physical media protection and is difficult to block the illegal access. Technologies such as Wired Equivalent Privacy(WEP) and WPA 1 / 2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 1 and 2) are designed to provide the same level of security by encrypting data over radio waves from hosts to the Access Point (AP) or WEP/WPA-enabled stations and hosts.

wireless outdoor ap

Power By PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Power By PSE
Connect the JetWave to the PoE port of the PoE Switch. The clients of the LAN can communicate
with remote clients via JetWave AP.

Power by PoE Injector
Should there is no PoE switch on hand, user canconnect the AP to the enclosure PoE injector. It can
deliver up to 19W power source.
wireless outdoor ap