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New Modbus TCP/IP is now launched in JetNet 4510 / 5010G Industrial 10-port Managed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Switches for enhanced connectivity & easy maintenance in Factory Automation Systems!

Taipei, Taiwan, October 18th, 2011

Korenix releases the new Modbus TCP function in its 7+3 SFP/Giga SFP port Managed Fast Ethernet and Gigabit switches’ v2.5 firmware to be highly compatible in factory automation networks by providing users with flexible network connectivity and easier network maintenance.

JetNet 4510 and JetNet 5010G 10-port Managed switches support Modbus TCP for factory automation

The supported Modbus/TCP registers are designed to enable JetNet 4510 / 5010G users easily connecting to data acquisition systems, such as SCADA systems, aiming to read the devices’ operating information using the supported Modbus TCP/IP master program. By integrating Modbus TCP/IP function inJetNet 4510 / 5010G firmware, the devices become eligible to be used in factory network infrastructures where, with the new feature, users can monitor and maintain the switches and receive their communication status. The new function eliminates the need of using additional management platforms to monitor equipments in the factory, thus saving cost and increasing switch’s compatibility in the industrial market.


Korenix JetNet 4510 and JetNet 5010G series are industrial managed Ethernet switches designed with 7 Fast Ethernet plus 3 100FX SFP and 3 Gigabit SFP combo ports respectively for high-port connectivity and flexible extended uplink data transmission. Both devices support Korenix patented MSR network redundancy and MultiRing technologies for connecting and forming together multiple rings, which have only 5 milliseconds of recovery time, aiming to reliably transfer data with no loss, topology change or network failure. To be compatible with 3rd party devices when used in factory’s existing network infrastructures, the switches also provide MSTP and RSTP network redundancy technologies for guaranteeing the reliability of the data transmission.

For enhancing the performance of the streamed data, both models support various advanced management, control and security functions, such as IGMP snooping, QoS, VLAN / Private VLAN / QinQ, DHCP Option 82, LACP, etc…As an addition, the firmware of the switches also supports LLDP protocol which enables users to automatically find devices, visualize network topology and using JetView Pro, Korenix’s own patented NMS or the SNMP protocols easily and efficiently manage network from remote locations.

Last but not least, the fully managed switches are constructed in rugged aluminum enclosures with IP31 grade protection, -25~70oC (JetNet 4510 / 5010G) as well as -40~70oC (JetNet 4510-w / 5010G-w) wide operating temperature ranges to endure heavy use in industrial application and perfectly operate under high/low temperature extremes.


About Korenix: Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, is devoted to designing and manufacturing high quality Industrial Networking & Computing Products to ensure high quality and reliability of industrial networks. Korenix solutions encompass the Industrial IEEE 802.3af PoE and IEEE 802.3at High power PoE Switches, Industrial L2 / L3 Rackmount / Rail Ethernet Switches and IP67/ 68 Waterproof Ethernet Switches, Long Distance Wireless Outdoor APs and Embedded Networking Routing Platforms, etc.

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