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Water Treatment System


Water Treatment describes the processes used to
make water more acceptable for a desired end-use.
These can include use as drinking water, for use in
industrial processes or to allow discharge into the
environment without ecological impact.
In China, the system integrator built up the water
treatment system by installing the Korenix Ethernet
switch connected with the PLC controlled the pump
status and formed a ring network to eliminate network
downtime, keeping information flowing at all times for
sending back to the control center.



With the JetNet 4508f can configure Enhanced Super Ring which is most stable topology of a system, the recover time of Network is <20ms, and can build system redundancy for each station. Also it can be configure to use with PLC and various kind of control unit. The JetNet 4508 Series designed under the consideration of abnormal climate, so the operation temperature is –20 to 70OC degree , therefore it can be best solution for industrial field.

Main Products
JetNet 4508f Industrial 8-port Managed Ethernet
Rail Switch

Why Korenix
Best with two DC24V input, and also compatible with range from 12V~48V.
Recovery time<20 ms gives you faulttolerant connection. JetNet 4508 series also support Dual Homing and Ring Coupling.
Full Management
Versatile and User-friendly configuration interface, including SNMP, VLAN, QoS, IGMP, event warning, etc.