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WiMax Network on Trains and Public Transit System


When you get onboard a modern train today with
sleek carriage construction and high tech solar
glass, little do you realize that it’s a “Cage” that you
have entered. Well to be more precise a Faraday
Cage, this in essence blocks the majority of Wireless
signals coming in or out of the carriage, so in
today’s age of high speed broadband internet you’ve
also walked into a bit of a desert, until now. Korenix
UK has been awarded a contract for the supply
of Korenix PoE 4706 Ethernet switches to Nomad
Digital Rail (NDR), a UK-based provider of specialist
mobile networks, for use on the UK West coast
Mainline passenger trains.

The benefit for the passengers is a reliable and seamless broadband connection (>6MB/s bi-directional) to the Internet throughout a train journey even through tunnels! The NDR system works by flooding rail carriages with a wireless signal that allows passengers to connect to the Internet Passengers can use any laptop or PDA fitted with a standard WiFi adapter (IEEE802.11b/g). To ensure a reliable service, the NDR system includes a number of features, including seamless choosing between the best of four different backhaul data networks on a second by second basis, ensuring continuity of connection to the train and the Internet.

Main Products
JetNet 4706 Industrial 6-Port Managed PoE Switch
Why Korenix
DC 24V & DC 48V Power Over Ethernet System
JetNet 4706 accepts dual-mode PoE by 24V or 48VDC.
The dual-mode PoE powering is very useful for public
transportation systems with DC24V power supply, or
any applications without DC48V power source.
High Power Forwarding System
JetNet 4706 follows two PoE mechanisms, IEEE802.3af and High Power pre-standard IEEE802.3at for 30W power budget.
Smart Powered Device Alive-Check
JetNet 4706 can be configured to run linking Powered Device alive check continuously to detect the real-time status. If the PD fails to respond, it will turn-off and then turn-on the PD's power to trigger remote PD cold start process.