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Bus Surveillance


Video surveillance in buses and other mobile systems has become highly important due to the increased number of criminal threats. With surveillance now heading its way of IP, more vehicles are being equipped with IP cameras which require a total IP surveillance network solution. 

Bus surveillance, unlike other applications with available DC48V power input, has a different requirement, the DC24V power input. Therefore, the legacy solution to power 48V PoE cameras in their vehicles requires an extra power adapter for converting voltage from DC24V to DC48V. Usage of this additional device obviously increases the cost of the system while decreasing its efficiency.

To solve this issue and to lower the total cabling costs, the System Integrating Company opted to use Korenix JetNet 3705-24V PoE switch. The four 24V PoE ports power the IP cameras and the wireless AP. The videos from IP camera are stored in the mobile NVR and transmitted to the network surveillance center through wireless communication.

The JetNet 3705-24V 5-port Industrial 24V PoE Ethernet DIN Rail Switch provides a high speed, simple and cost-effective solution for configuring small Industrial Fast Ethernet networks. The 24V operating voltage is supplied through a rugged terminal block which can be configured for redundant power connection. The vibration resistance, wide operating temperature and fan-less design with unmovable parts, made JetNet 3705-24V the ideal solution for this application.

Main Products
JetNet 3705-24V Industrial 5-port PoE Switch for Vehicle DC 24V Input
Why Korenix
24VDC power input makes the deployment of standard IEEE 802.3af PoE IP cameras feasible on vehicles.
The Rugged Design makes it possible to overcome the harsh conditions with vibration and shock and to ensure network reliability in the moving vehicles .
-10~ 60℃ operating temperature for extreme environments.