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eNewsletters 2011

Sep, 2011 Korenix launches JetNet 5828G --- IEC 61850-3 certified 24+4G Layer3 Modular Managed Switch for Substation Applications!
Aug, 2011 Korenix Industrial-Grade Managed L2 / L3 solutions provide High-speed & Non-stop Video Surveillance in Oil Field Plants in Middle East!
Jul, 2011 Korenix Signs Distributor Agreement Assigning LMC its “Diamond Partner” for Norway Market Expansion!
Jun, 2011 Korenix Successfully Rounded up 2011 Global Distributor Conference & KCE trainings with over 70 Partners Worldwide!
May, 2011 Korenix exhibits its Complete Industrial Certified Data Communication solutions at COMPUTEX 2011 from May 31~June 4!
Apr, 2011 JetNet 5628G, the IEC61850-3 substation certified modular managed switch now Passes NEMA TS1/TS2 traffic control & EN50121-4 railway control systems' approval!
Mar, 2011 New PCI-104 CANbus card expansion now supported on JetCard 5400 Embedded SBC for Enhancing Network Performance!
Feb, 2011 Korenix & Westermo Successfully Wrapped up Distributor Alliance Conference in Shanghai, China!
Jan, 2011 Korenix gets D&B D-U-N-S Certification and is listed in Top 500 Elite SMEs of Taiwan!

eNewsletters 2010

Dec, 2010 Korenix New 2011 Master Catalogue Available for FREE Download Online!
Nov, 2010 Korenix Unveils JetBox 9562 Embedded VPN Router Computer with 3-in-1 Serial, 12~24V PoE & Mobile Expansion slot for Enhanced Vehicle Surveillance!
Oct, 2010 Korenix Releases JetNet 4518 Industrial 16+2SFP Combo Managed Din-Rail Switch with -40~75oC op. temp. for Large Scale, Flexible Networking Systems!
Sep, 2010 Korenix RSR ring is Now Supported in JetBox series Embedded PoE / Routing Platforms for Enhanced Network Reliability!
Aug, 2010 Korenix offers UL 508 Certified JetNet Industrial Ethernet Switches and JetBox Embedded Router Platforms!
Jul, 2010 Korenix Technology and Westermo Enter Strategic Alliance for Industrial Data Communication!
Jun, 2010 Comtrol Corporation Assigns Korenix as its Asia Partner!
May, 2010 Korenix Releases World’s First Industrial Rackmount 24+4G Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switches for High-End Surveillance!
Apr, 2010 Korenix Launches JetNet 3006 Series Entry-Level 6-port Fast Ethernet Switches – the Cost-Effective & Ruggedized Solutions for Severe Industrial Applications!
Mar, 2010 Korenix Unveils JetNet 3810G Industrial 8 PoE + 2 Giga Switch with 12V Power Booster for Transit Surveillance Applications!
Feb, 2010 Korenix Unveils 16+2G Intelligent Industrial High-Port Density Gigabit Switch JetNet 3018G --- Excellent Solution for Large-Scale Industrial Network Infrastructures!
Jan, 2010 Korenix Launches JetWave 2450 Outdoor 802.11n High-Bandwidth Wireless Access Point with Triple Throughput and High-Performance for Reliable Enhanced Wireless Network Constructions in Harsh Industrial Environments!

eNewsletters 2009

Dec, 2009 Korenix Launches World's First 4-port Gigabit Networking PoE Router Computer for Building Reliable, High Bandwdith Networks with Enhanced Dynamic Routing Applications!
Nov, 2009 Korenix Releases JetNet 5018G, the 16+2G Industrial Managed Gigabit Ethernet Din-Rail Switch for Auto-Topology and Large Group Management Networks!
Oct, 2009 Intelligent Network Management for Real-Time and Efficient Data Transmission in Industrial Environments!
Sep, 2009 Industrial 8-port 24V to 48V PoE Switch - Ideal Networking Solution for Vehicle Automation!
Aug, 2009 Build a Reliable Power Substation Network with Korenix Brand New Industrial Modular Managed Ethernet Switch - JetNet 5628G!
Jul, 2009 Korenix Unveils the New Gigabit Stackable Managed Layer3 Switch - JetNet 6524G!
Jun, 2009 Double Winners! Korenix JetNet 4506-M12/RJ Wins 2009 COMPUTEX TAIPEI Design & Innovation (D&I) Awards & Best Choice Award!
May, 2009 Korenix JetNet 4506-M12 Wins 2009 Computex Taipei Design&Innovation (D&I) Award!
Apr, 2009 Learn How to Best Integrate Networking into IP Surveillance Project! RSVP Today!
Mar, 2009 The Requirement of IP-based Systems is Expanding Enormously. Korenix Spurs Your Surveillance A Leap Ahead in the Prominent Marketplace!
Feb, 2009 Korenix JetWave 2600 Series Extends the Wireless Coverage to More Than 40 km for Long-Range Wireless Network
Jan, 2009 New!!! PoE solution for harsh environments—the wide temperature JetNet 4706-w/ 3706-w series are now available


eNewsletters 2008

Dec, 2008 Korenix rugged media converter JetCon 3401 for industrial applications
Nov, 2008 Korenix Industrial Managed PoE Switch wins the Outstanding I.T. Products Award!
Oct, 2008 Korenix unveils the new Industrial 6-Port Unmanaged RJ45/IP67 PoE Switch - JetNet 3706-RJ!
Sep, 2008 Korenix announces the new Industrial 6-Port Managed M12/IP68 Ethernet Switch- JetNet 4506-M12!
Aug, 2008 Korenix rolls out the new JetCon 6300 Series Industrial Smart Ethernet I/O Converter!
Jul, 2008 Korenix Industrial Embedded Computer JetBox 9300 Series Wins Golden Penguin Award! 
Jun, 2008 Korenix Industrial Embedded Computer Wins Best Choice of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Award!
May, 2008 Korenix, to present Industrial Computing & Networking Solutions at Computex Taipei 2008!
Apr, 2008 JetBox 9310 is a global pioneer to invent 6 in 1 Industrial Networking Computer
Mar, 2008 Korenix is the 1st industrial manufacturer publishing Industrial PoE White Paper
Feb, 2008 Industrial Embedded Computer JetBox 8100 Windows XP Embedded Official Release
Jan, 2008 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch JetNet 4510


eNewsletters 2007

Dec, 2007 Industrial Managed Ethernet I/O Module JetI/O 6500
Nov, 2007 Korenix JetBox 9300 Embedded Computer Suits Industrial Communications
Oct, 2007 Build Up a Real Time Monitoring System in the Mining Application with JetBox 8100

Sep, 2007

Power Up WiMAX Base Stations in Wireless Broadband Services

May, 2007 

See Debut of Industrial Managed PoE+ Switch & Compact Embedded Gigabit Switch Module in 2007 Computex

Apr, 2007

Design High Reliability Networking Devices for Industrial Ethernet Network

Mar, 2007

Ensures a High quality service of Gigabit packets transmission

Feb, 2007

Intelligent Airport Field Management

Jan, 2007

Build a Reliable Gigabit Network for Industrial Automation