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Hotel Network Infrastructure


The hospitality market is heating up. As more and more customers flock back to hotels they have one clear expectation - find high speed internet access in their hotel rooms. However, providing broadband access to hotels and multitenant facilities can be troublesome and expensive: difficulties of high bandwidth data transfer over long distances and high-cost cablings for network extension. 

A similar issues had encountered the Sunshine hotel in Shen-zen, China. In order to integrate the current Ethernet with existing building phone line / coaxial cable network technology, the Sunshine hotel adopted Korenix JetCon 2502. A single device was installed in each hotel room to help signal convert between traditional Ethernet and innovative VDSL2 technology without rewiring. As the diagram indicates, in each room one HDTV and the POTS Lines (Voice) are connected to JetCon 2502, therefore voice and data communication can be simultaneously shared on the existing phone wire and then transmitted via Ethernet to the remote layer 3 switch in control center.

In addition, JetCon 2502 allows hotel administrators to compete with wireless and satellite providers by offering its guests outstanding service, including Internet Access, HDTV, Voice/Video chatting over an existing telephone copper cable without any configuration, just plug and play to enlarge the infrastructure.

For the hotel Korenix JetCon 2502 VDSL2 solution was an ideal, high performance system for delivering secure and high-speed network connectivity to its guests.

Main Products
JetCon 2502 Industrial Ethernet over VDSL2 Extender
Why Korenix
Auto correction technology for Deployment of Voice and Data into a single-paire of twisted copper cable
Best Bandwidth Utilization: Wide Bandplan, cover ADSL, VDSL, POTS, ISDN.
IGMP, VLAN, QoS, MSR network management features deliver high quality and secure network communication
No reconstruction cost - using existing phone cable
Easy connection with minimum installation time