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Industrial Communication Computer 
- High performance with low power consumption
1. Intel XScale PXA270 RISC 416MHz
2. System memory 128MB, 8MB VGA
- Plentiful interfaces
Dual Ethernet, 16DI/DO, 4COM, 4USB, VGA, Audio
- Reliable robust form factor
1. 5g anti-vibration and 50g shock resistant
2. Operating Temperature:-15~70?, Fanless
- Ready to use:
1. Embedded Linux / Win CE OS ready
2. System Management Utility
3. Application Development Environment

JetBox 9000 Series Industrial Networking Computer Routing, Managed Ethernet Switch, and Computer Integrated

In a network environment, routers, switches and computers constitute a typical network architecture. While the technological development has advanced, so has the complexity of integrating these devices.
Consequently the revolution of networking devices has begun. Functional integration and usability will be
standard in next generation network devices.

JetBox 9300/9310 is the communication platform that takes router functionality, managed switching and computer functionality and rolls it all into one tiny box. Korenix provides not only API, but also the User Interface to make managing the router, managed switch, and computer functionality simple.
Both JetBox 9300 and 9310 are RISC-based embedded computers, featuring 64MB of SDRAM system memory all major interfaces such as five Ethernet ports, two USB2.0 ports, two RS-232 ports, two RS-232 /422/485 ports, four digital inputs, four digital outputs and one SD card slot. The built in Linux OS and essential network applications equips the JetBox 9300/9310 to become a powerful network engine.


Auto-Run Customized Setting and Applications
The auto-run function is an advanced feature provided in JetBox 9300/9310. This function allows customers to run specific configuration or run specific applications in the JetBox 9300/9310 automatically. The auto-run configuration or application can then be stored onto a SD card.

There are two ways to apply the auto-run function:
Configured by customers (autorun.sh file)
Software service provided by Korenix (CUST file) Configured by customers

Insert the SD card into the JetBox and reboot the JetBox to run the configuration or the applications.
autorun.sh file
1. The content of autorun.sh must be written in Linux
shell command
2. The content must be executable in Linux
Software service provided by Korenix
1. The content is written by Korenix according to
customers’ requirement.
2. The content is encrypted by Korenix.


Modbus Gateway
The Modbus Gateway is a value added software
provided by Korenix. The major function of the
Modbus Gateway enables serial Modbus RTU (or
Modbus ASCII) devices to communicate with Modbus
TCP devices.
Modbus is an open serial communications protocol
based on master/slave architecture and used to
connect a supervisory computer with a remote
terminal unit (RTU) in supervisory control and data
acquisition (SCADA).




In a networking communication environment, router, switch and computer are indispensable devices to a typical networking architecture. Along with technology development, the complexity of devices increases and the troublesome settings become more and more confusing. Hence, the revolution of networking devices is anticipated. Functional integration and human-oriented manipulation will be the mainstream in next networking generation.

JetBox 9300/9310 is the communication transformer to digest router, managed switch, and computer functions into one tiny box. Extreme simple operation is the core spirit of JetBox 9300/9310. Korenix provides not only API but also User Interface to make router, managed switch, and computer setting simple.Both JetBox 9300 and 9310 are RISCbased embedded computers, system memory 64MB SDRAM default (128MB optional) and carry all major interfaces such as five Ethernet ports, two USB2.0 ports, two RS-232 ports, two RS-232/422/485
ports, four digital inputs, four digital outputs and one SD card slot. Moreover, built-in Linux OS and network essential applications let JetBox 9300/9310 become powerful network engines.


Entire system can be controlled through SNMP
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used in networking management systems to monitor network-attached devices. JetBox 9300/9310 provides complete SNMP v1, v2c, v3 protocol and MIBs (Management Information Bases). Customers can use one or more systems to manage a number
of devices through JetBox 9300/9310 SNMP control.

Power over Ethernet (JetBox 9310)
JetBox 9310 is an advanced version of JetBox 9300 with PoE function. Power over Ethernet is an useful technology for powering devices where it would be inconvenient, expensive or infeasible to supply power separately. JetBox 9310 refer to IEEE802.3af standard as a PSE (Power Sourcing Equipment) to provide 48 volts DC over two of the four available pairs on a Cat. 3/Cat. 5e cable with a maximum current of 400 mA for a maximum load power of 15.4W.

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