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JetNet 4706f Overview

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Industrial 6-port Managed High Power PoE Fiber Switch

  • Four 10/100 TX Power over Ethernet ports and two redundant 100 FX uplink ports
  • Two Fiber links for long distance transmission
  • Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • DC 48V Power Input for IEEE 802.3af 48V PoE output
  • Up to 25W per port for High Power solution by Forced powering mode
  • Up to 80W for total power budget
  • Support IEEE 802.3af for PoE detection and PoE classification resistors
  • PoE control and schedule by hour/weekly basis
  • Auto-detect Powered Device status for device auto-reset (LPLD)
  • Patented Multiple Super Ring technology (MSRTM), up to 5ms recovery time
  • Patented Rapid Dual Homing (RDHTM) technology
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IGMP snooping v1/v2/v3, RMON, VLAN, QoS
  • Network security by IP/MAC address, SSL and SSH
  • Built-in hardware watchdog timer for system auto-reset
  • -40~60°C wide operating temperature

JetNet 4706f, the full managed industrial PoE switch, is the advanced version from the winner of Best Choice of Computex Taipei 2007 Award, the JetNet 3705/3705f. JetNet 4706f features four 30-Watts 10 / 100 Power over Ethernet Ports with two redundant fiber ports, is an ideal model for distant networking such as IP surveillance, wireless access point.etc, where power source is not conveniently located. It supports intelligent PoE control and schedule management; each of the four PoE ports can be configured in a weekly schedule by hourly basis and PoE on/off can be remote controlled via SNMP and Web. Compliant to IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, JetNet 4706f can deliver up to 25W power per port and 80W per unit (@60oC) by the forced powering mode.

The two uplink ports of JetNet 4706f can be configured as Rapid Super Ring ports recovering network failure in less than 5ms, or RSTP ports for integrating with other standard switches. Full network management features such as LLDP, JetView Pro i2NMS, SNMP v3, QoS, IGMP snooping v3, are all supported. If the powered device fails to respond after a pre-configured time interval, JetNet 4706f will reboot the powered device and continue to monitor the powered device in every preconfigured time interval. Simply put, the unmanaged powered devices can be managed through JetNet 4706f. The award winning IP31 rigid aluminum flat casing and wide operating temperature range both ensure a reliable operation in remote network site such as public transportation station or outdoor usage.

Easy PoE Configuration
The four PoE ports can be configured to enable, disable, or schedule PoE function by the web interface. The Power mode provides Standard mode for IEEE 802.3af PD, Manual mode for user configuration of the power limit to IEEE 802.3af standard PD, or Ultra mode for user configuration to perform at the 25W power limitation. After configuration, the real-time status of PoE is shown in web interface.

Forced Powering Mode
Korenix provides advanced forced powering control to deliver power to those non-standard PoE devices that cannot be detected as valid PDs. In the early days PoE products that were circulating the market prior to the ratification of PoE standard 802.3af did not comply with the current standard and did not support PD detection and classification. The PoE switch cannot recognized the PD, thus, it will not forward the power. The forced powering ability solves this problem and enables all your PDs.

PoE Port Scheduling
Korenix provides an hourly/weekly scheduling mechanism for advanced power control. Each PoE port can be configured as on/off by hourly basis. This feature meets economical power management, security, or customer-specific requirements.

A Non-Stop Transmission Network with PoE Function – MSRTM&RDHTM
The two uplink 10/100TX ports allow users to build Redundant Ring architecture with other High-End Switches by RSTP or Korenix Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM). The MSRTM Topology brings the backup network in less than 5ms when the main pat h is disconnected. To integrate with Core Switches, JetNet 4706f provides Rapid Dual Homing function which merges MSRTM and RSTP protocol in one redundant port.

Quality of Service & Port-based VLAN
In video surveillance applications, JetNet 4706 supports Port -based VLAN to limit a broadcast domain to specific members of a group by physically grouping the members together. In addition, JetNet 4706 suppor ts QoS funct ion to enhance transmission performance if needed. These features guarantee real time service by segmentation and prioritization.

Smart Powered Device Alive-Check
Korenix PoE switches can be configured by korenix patented PoE "Partner Lin Detect" technology to monitor real-time status of connected PDs. Once the PD fails, it will reset the PoE port to bring the PD back to a working state. This greatly enhances the reliability that the PoE port will reset the PD power and reduces your management burden.

Auto Topology Discovery & Efficient Management through LLDP and JetView Pro i2NMS
JetNet 4706f supports topology discovery or LLDP (IEEE 802.1AB Link Layer Discovery Protocol) function that can help users to discover multi-vendor’s network devices on the same segment by an NMS system, which support LLDP function. With LLDP function, NMS can easily maintain the topology map, display port ID, port description, system description, VLAN ID, etc..
Industrial Rackmount 24+4G Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch
Once a link failure happens, the topology changed events are updated to the NMS to help users easily maintain the network system. Besides the SNMP and LLDP protocols, JetNet 4706f series efficiently works with the Korenix patented JetView Pro i2NMS, which in addition to the auto-topology discovery, also delivers MSRTM group management, group IP assignment, firmware upgrade, configuration file backup/ restore ,SNMP MIB Browser/compile, etc. Furthermore, users can export the topology map to diverse formats, such as JPG, BMP, PNG and PDF, for easily managing and trouble-shooting the network. The user-friendly software allows administrators to discover devices automatically and efficiently manage the performance of the industrial network.

Versatile Management Interfaces
JetNet 4706f supports versatile management interfaces including HTTPS secured web console, SSH console, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, and RS232 CLI console. Real-time status such as port status, PoE status, PD status are all shown in all management consoles. JetNet 4706f supports quick installation by JetView, which is Korenix multi-platform utility for device discovery, IP setting, configuration back-up & restore, and firmware upgrade functions.

Wide Range Power Input / Output Voltage
IEEE802.3af defines nominal power supply at 48V. As a result, most PSE receive 48V power input and then deliver power to PD at the operation range from 48V to 57V. However, for many industrial environments without 48V main power system, this rule is not applicable. It is neither applicable to those nonstandard PDs that do not work within the standard operation range. Korenix's PoE switch equips a mechanism that can accept wide range of power input voltages and deliver a correspondent level of power.

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