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JetNet Series Industrial Ethernet Switch

JetNet series provides complete Ethernet networking solutions ranging from rackmount IEC 61850-3 certified layer 3 and modular managed switches to high-bandwidth and high-speed DIN-rail Gigabit switches. Designed with rugged enclosure and wide op. temperature, the switches are ideal solutions for industrial applications. The managed models of JetNet series support advanced Layer 2, Layer 2+ACL and Layer3 routing protocols, as well as the Korenix patented ring redundancy technology, ensuring the most reliable and high-quality network construction in severe industrial applications.

Control Room Rackmount Switch

Layer 3 24-Port Gigabit Managed Switch

JetNet 6524G / 6524G-DC

IEC 61850-3 Layer 2/3 Modular Managed Ethernet Switch

JetNet 5828G (New!!) / JetNet 5628G (Modbus TCP!!)

Layer 2 Gigabit Managed Ethernet Ring Switch

JetNet 5428G / 5428G-DC / 5428G-2G-2FX

Automation Din-Rail
Mount Switch

Gigabit Managed Switch

JetNet 6059G / JetNet 5018G / JetNet 5012G / JetNet 5010G (Modbus TCP!!)

Managed Switch

JetNet 4518 / JetNet 4510 (Modbus TCP!!) / JetNet 4508 V2(Modbus TCP!!) / JetNet 4508f V2(Modbus TCP!!)
JetNet 4010 / JetNet 4006 / JetNet 4006f

Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

JetNet 3018G / JetNet 3010G / JetNet 3008G (New!!) / JetNet 3005G (New!!)

Unmanaged Switch

JetNet 3008/ JetNet 3008f
JetNet 2005/JetNet 2005-w / JetNet 2005f/JetNet 2005f-w

Embedded Switch Board

Embedded Gigabit Managed Switch Board

JetCard 5010G-P

Embedded PCI-104 Switch Board

JetCard 2105 / 2105-w

Embedded Gigabit PCI-104 Switch Board

JetCard 2154G

Embedded UPCI Switch Board

JetCard 2205 / 2205-w