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Weather Station Monitoring


Global warming, the most controversial environment
issue of 20th century, carries the hidden jeopardy for
all human on earth.
This global danger is projected continuation. Beyond
Controversy, mastering the global warming effects in
the Weather Center is the priority of the environment
protection. Owing to monitoring conditions and effects
on deserts and glaciers, where the temperature
varies outrageously, global scientists and technicians
are seeking the method to challenge the severe
conditions from the on-site weather stations.

JetBox 9310, the Industrial PoE Networking Computer, is 6-in-1 multi-function included Industrial Computer, Router, PoE, Managed Switch, Serial Device Server and DIO. JetBox 9310 is well capable to monitor the on-site status from one weather station to another. Within one weather station, a JetBox 9310 performs as operating the serial devices. In the meanwhile, it is connected to the IP Cameras where the Weather Center can be transmitted with the on-site images and status. Within all the data and images transmission, JetBox 9310 supports the scientists to set WAN/LAN routing for the comprehensive management.

Global Warming is pasting tremendously, controlling and mastering the on-site status of the environmental
effects is requested. With one JetBox 9310, the Weather Center is allowed to integrate all the devices as the high compatibility, while the cost and time consuming is minimized. Elsewhere such as Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring Center request the same demand as the Weather Center does. Korenix manages to prove that the JetBox 9310 is the best choice for monitoring the inconvenient truth of global environments.

Main Products
JetBox 9310 Industrial PoE Networking Computer
Why Korenix
6-in-1 Solution minimizes the cost and the time
consuming for System Integration.
The Rugged Design for extreme environments.
Open Linux for flexible configurations &
Compact size fits into control cabinet installations.